Monday, July 19, 2010

My larger carbon footprint has prevented me from toppling over...

I love the environment and stuff, but yes, I fully admit I'm a bit lost when it comes to figuring out what is best and most helpful for our Mother Earth short of walking everywhere barefoot, living in the dark when it's actually dark and eating only what I grow. I'm sure a hardcore environmentalist just read that and fainted. But anyway, I digress. Typical.

So, I know about these carbon footprint things and mine was probably pretty decent for a while. I was a big public transportation girl, but now I've been gifted an amazing gift. My nana's car, an 11-year-old Mecury. I am now driving to work and I must say, this shining beacon of a car has saved me from my latest near fall into the pit of insanity. I don't quite know what a pit of insanity truly is, but I spend a lot of time crawling out of it.

So now that I'm a driver again, I started to think about what a different feeling I have every morning. When I was taking public transportation, I walked around with my shoulders up to my ears, my eyes darting left and right. I had a constant stream of anxious thoughts of the possible delays at every turn and even yelled at a German tourist over his "unattended bags." It actually turned into quite a pleasant encounter, so stop judging. Now in the morning, I spend a good part of my time laughing at talk radio, or singing along with new hits, or old favorites (at the top of my lungs, naturally). I really think this morning singing has lowered my blood pressure and allowed me to ease into my day in a much happier way. A way that has allowed me to calm my impulsivity and save myself from drastic life-altering decisions that I am oh-so-inclined to make.

So a big thank you to the Universe/Karma/Mother Earth (and Nana) for sending me this gift. I know not everyone has the opportunity to pick their commute poison. My next car serenade goes out to you and I promise I'll recycle.

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